Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting

The right process of Hedge cutting with proper tools

Hedge cutting is important to give a perfect finish and best touch on the beauty of your garden, it can help you in creating smart boundaries around your garden. It makes the garden beautiful and makes your neighbors happy.  Cutting hedge in your garden and maintaining its shape is a brilliant way. It is also good to avoid problems with unwanted shades. There are many tools available now for hedge cutting, hand shears are the most popular tool for hedge cutting but there are also many power tools available now in the market. They are not much expensive and very much effective for the task.

But the process is not an easier one if you try to do it alone:

Time to go for the hedge cutting

To go for the hedge cutting, you need to set a good pruning regime. It will make it easier to control the hedges. Even regular cutting hedge routine also makes your garden maintenance task easier and faster. If the hedges are well-trimmed, it will be much easier for you to keep the garden in tip-top position. Most of the evergreen hedges of your garden need regular trimming and during the growing season, you need to go for this for several times. Maintaining the informal hedges can be determined by the time when they usually flower. For rose or fuchsia, spring is the right time to cut the hedges. For forsythia and berries, you can do it later in the year.

Right ways to cut hedges

To cut the hedge, you also need to know the right process of it. With proper practice, one can easily learn the right way of how to trim and cut hedges to give it perfection. Formal hedges will come with a systematic approach. You should start the process from the top, followed by the side and then go for a thorough cleaning up process. It is effective to prevent the spreading of fungal disease. Guides recommend typically that informal hedges can grow more naturally with the periodic trimming to make sure they will stay in control. Don’t also forget the dwarf hedges to trim. Rosemary varieties and delightful box will come in this category. Two sessions of hedge cutting are sufficient for these two types of hedge.  Do it in spring and again go for a hedge cutting in the middle of the summer.

Hedge trimming tools

You can trim the small run with good quality hand shears- a relaxing and pleasant way to unwind on a summer evening. For the larger size hedges, power tools are important to have. Some power tools are like:


Mains electric trimmer

Cordless trimmer

The modern electric trimmer is an eco-friendly and clean and lightweight option that comes with little restriction due to the length of the cord and you cannot use them in damp condition. Battery hedge trimmers or the cordless trimmers are light and clean and it can easily remove the issue of electric shock.  But they have quite a short run-time between charges that need to be more restrictive.

There are also petrol trimmers that you can use anywhere easily and can avoid the problem of trailing the cord. They are very much powerful, heavier, albeit smoky and can be quite noisy.

Long reach hedge trimmers

You can trim many of the hedges with standard equipment and ladder. But for the taller hedges, you need to have the telescopic hedge trimmer that comes with the long reach.  It can also make the trimming process even easier.

Professional service:

But if you are not ready to do such work and don’t have much time for hedge cutting, you can go for a professional service provider too. At Westfield we are a hedge cutting service provider we are extremely capable of carrying out a high-quality and effective process of hedge trimming, cutting and shrub removal. We also carry out other important activities like tree pruning, beautifying a garden, etc. we can help you in enhancing the beauty of the shrub structures. Pruning of shrubs is also known as shrub grooming, that gives your shrubs more beauty.

Another good thing about hiring such a company is they come up with all the necessary tools. It is quite a costly incident for a garden owner to buy different power tools for different shrubs and hedge.

A Full set up of Garden Maintenance Machinery could cost several thousand pounds to acquire and then there is the maintenance,

A high-quality hedge cutting service provider comes with all the necessary tools, a different one for variety of shrubs and plants.

We have great expertise on these kind of tasks and come with proper training, knowledge, and excellence all. So, you can expect to get a flawless trimming and beautifying service from Us.

In this modern era, hedge cutting service providers are just a phone call away. We also offer prompt service to the clients too.

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Written by

Isaac Stradling