Grass Cutting

All grass lawns need mowing - it is one of the most important tasks in maintaining your garden and keeping your lawn healthy.
The frequency and the method of lawn mowing can make a huge difference to the long term health of the lawn. 
Mowing is carried out mainly between March and October.

The Royal Horticultural Society Recommends Mowing Your lawn at least once a week for best results. It is recommended to leave the clippings on the lawn. Grass clippings break down quickly and return beneficial nutrients to the soil, improving the health & look of your lawn.

Having over 15 years of experience in grass cutting, we can professionally assess the health of your lawn, suggest & carry out any needed treatments to keep your lawn looking at its best!

Here at Westfield we appreciate life tends to be busy. Waiting for & staying at home for a quote can be an inconvenience! We want to take the headache out of it for you!
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We can then send you a price! No hassle what-so-ever!

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