Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting and New Hedge Height

Hedges Overgrown ? Hedges too high ? Regular Trimming of Hedges needed ?We provide a 'progressive' Hedge Cutting Service for our Clients, this means that every time we cut a hedge we try to level out any peaks and troughs with a view to getting it straighter and more appealing to the eye every time its cut, we always think about making it easier to cut the next time, we pay attention to straight lines, and are aware of correct hedge cutting methods. If a hedge is cut the incorrect way time and time again you can see things like leaning and a lack of growth at the bottom of the hedge. Also if Conifer Hedges are cut back too fart they may never grow back to the way they were, which looks bad. Nobody Wants that, Hire a professional not a cowboy. Below are some Examples of Before and Afters for the Hedges we have maintained over the last year